How One Business Used Google Plus to Fight Their Competition

Conversations happen all the time and everywhere in social media. Not all of these conversations have any value to most businesses, but if you can pinpoint the type of people you have your conversation with and ask them for relevant advice, the business value of the conversation can increase exponentially. Participating in conversations is one way to develop business on LinkedIn. There are also sites like Quora, Focus, or even public forums such as LinkedIn Answersand Facebook Questions where professionals (and others) are looking for the answers to their problems. In fact just do a Twitter advanced search query for questions and you’ll see that there are people looking for answers to their problems everywhere. While the conversation that I am going to share below could have happened on any social media website, the stickiness, immediate responsiveness, integration with Gmail, and limitless character count at which you can input your thoughts makes Google Plus a great place to have deep and serious conversations. Assuming you’ve created a Google Plus circle of, what I would call in my first LinkedIn book your “Trusted Network of Advisors,” you can now filter out who gets your message and only target those business people and colleagues that you trust to give you a solid answer. Read more >>
Google+ is expected to launch dedicated business pages for businesses to use very soon, and while we wait for them to be released it is interesting to speculate on how useful they might be. One of the key parts to be aware of is the analytics feature, which aims to provide insights about who is following a particular business on Google+ and how they are interacting with it. Of course until we see these analytics in the flesh we can’t be sure how they are going to work. But we can start to think along the right lines in advance, so let’s do that now. Read more >>

Secrets of Crafting a Top-Notch Online Video

Online video is now a necessary marketing tool for reaching--and, more importantly, connecting with--followers, fans and customers. By adding a smile and a friendly voice, you can build rapport with your customers quickly and help them relate to your business on a more personal level. There are several advantages to video marketing. One is its ability to reach all three types of learning styles: visual people who learn by reading or seeing, auditory learners, and kinesthetic learners (who learn best from hands-on methods, which can now be covered in a video via demonstration of a product or service). Read more >>

3 Myths About Google Profiles and 2 Reasons To Have One Anyway

Your Google Profile is a very important part of your online identity. USA Today published a survey from The Creative Group about evaluating candidates for marketing and advertising jobs. In it, 72% of respondents said they would conduct a web search using the candidate’s name while 59% said they would look at a profile on LinkedIn. For those of you with questionable content on your Facebook pages, take heart in that only 44% of prospective employers said they would look there. Read more >>

By Larry Genkin

Two of Google+’s biggest supporters are coming together to present a BlogWorld Expo track keynote called “Google+ for Business.”

Guy Kawasaki and Chris Brogan will share the reasons why Google+ is their social network of choice as well as why they feel Google+ will become a force to be reckoned with over the next few months.


Are You Showing Your Personality on Google+?

If you haven’t heard of Google+ by now, you must have been in a deep dark cave for the past few months. This new social media experience is only just starting to really gather pace, mainly because it is now open to everyone to join. And as always the first task is the same as it would be for any other social media site. You’ve got to fill in your profile. But you need to go further than this. You need to show your personality if you’re going to make the most of this particular site. We’re still waiting for business profiles to be made available, but if you’re an individual offering products or services you’ll already be in the right place. You should name your account with your real name so you’ll be easy to find – and once you’ve done that it’s time to get your personality out and about for an airing. Read more >>

3 Good Reasons to Bother Using Google+

You’ve probably heard by now that there’s a new social media venture in town. What’s it called? Oh yes – Google+. It’s only been in existence for a few short weeks, but it’s already grabbing the headlines in more ways than one. But here’s the big question: Is it worth joining Google+ if you want to promote your business online? We’ve scratched our heads and come up with three good reasons why you should. Read more >>


Your website is not your website. Or rather, if you think your website is that site you update - the one with your about page, your services, your contact information - think again. What’s even more important than the site you own is where people turn when they want the real information about your business: google. That’s right, your google search results reveal the truth about your business as far as your customers are concerned. We now google everything before making a purchase - from the largest contracts down to the smallest impulse buys. (If you’ve ever spent way too much time reading reviews for what should be a simple buying decision you know what I mean!) Read more >>


Here's how Google could overtake Twitter as the #2 social network in 2012 using Google's most dominant platforms. Expect to see G+ in the hearts and minds (not to mention the eyes and keyboards) of over 1 billion Google daily users soon.

#5 Blogger

Blogger has languished under a poor commenting platform for years. By replacing the current commenting engine with Google+ and +1 buttons on all blogs and posts, they gain massive exposure on the #1 Blogging platform. Most Blogger publishers already have Google profiles (slam dunk).


Google and Marketing to the SMB

If you are an SMB owner or marketer and have been in the Internet marketing game for any length of time you know how strange it sounds to consider Google reaching out to you though marketing. It’s a well known frustration regarding Google that having something that has a pulse behind it rather than a blinking light to field questions or concerns or even give some general information often feels more like a matter of fate and chance rather than design. Of course, if you spend enough money in AdWords you may have spoken to someone but that’s another story (that’s called revenue). Well, take heart because Google is hitting the streets to do something they just aren’t known for: reaching out to prospective customers in the SMB space. I had a conversation with the head of local consumer marketing for Google, Jeff Aguero, and came away encouraged that maybe, just maybe, there will be a human side to Google (which I would accept as a social effort in place of any other products they come up with!). Read more >>