Posted: October 21, 2011

Here’s how Google could overtake Twitter as the #2 social network in 2012 using Google’s most dominant platforms. Expect to see G+ in the hearts and minds (not to mention the eyes and keyboards) of over 1 billion Google daily users soon.

#5 Blogger

Blogger has languished under a poor commenting platform for years. By replacing the current commenting engine with Google+ and +1 buttons on all blogs and posts, they gain massive exposure on the #1 Blogging platform. Most Blogger publishers already have Google profiles (slam dunk).

#4 Picasa

Picasa already integrated with Google+ heavily, is the photo storage engine on G+. Next stop would be to replace the commenting layout there with Google+ comments. We have yet to see +1 buttons on Picasa, but Google has said they will be rebranding Picasa as Google Pictures, expect more G+ features and +1 button any day.

#3 Calendars

Google has long allowed you to create events on Google Calendars and shout them to your Gmail contacts since 2009. Expect direct Event integration with G+. This will allow you to share local events with your G+ followers and allow them to add your events to their calendars in a click.

#2 Google Maps and Places Pages

While we wait patiently for Google Places and Google+ Brand pages to integrate with the #1 mapping application, Google is already testing +1 buttons in Maps. There is no commenting engine on Maps, or sharing outside of emailing a link, so expect this to be a welcome addition.

The commenting system on Google Places pages is dismal, and Google+ profiles are now verified names listings. Google Places pages comments have been heavily spammed and the “Real Name” system on G+ ends that issue for good.

Here’s where Google+ will make it’s final stop…..

#1 YouTube

There have been rumors for some time that Google will replace the commenting and thumbs up system on YouTube, the #2 search engine in the world and the 3rd most trafficked site on the web. Google will bring G+ to the masses in their final stop on YouTube.

In 2010 Google began to demand Google account log-ins for new channels on YouTube. In July 2011 Google added +1 buttons to both video pages and the Google +1 button in YouTube search results.

For many, YouTube is a separate brand from Google and old school YouTube users are very resistant to Google’s changes in recent years. The largest YouTube demographic is 13 to 20 something males, very outspoken and Facebook fanboys. This is a dangerous move for Google, but it must occur.

However, it has become publicly known that comments and thumbs up weigh heavily in how YouTube ranks videos in YouTube search and the appearance of YouTube videos in Google search. Anytime something like that surfaces, Google is out to replace it with something else much harder to abuse or even understand.

Expect Blogger, Picasa, Google Calendars, Maps and Places with G+ brand pages to all carry the G+ brand as Google greases the wheels and warms the web up to the new Google+…. On a site that you use every day in the browser, on your iPad, or what’s already in your the palm of your hand, pocket or purse.

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